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Adakah esok oral test untuk semua sekolah ?
Saturday, 28 April 2012 | 20:50 | 0 comments


Hi everyone ! My name is MARYAM. Tomorow my oral test was beggining.

Tomorow I was A Chef from 5 Sains Agama. I want cook a special recipe for my future husband classmate. 

I think I want give you all taste a little bit of my recipe. But I know you don't want. Right ?


Ekceliii ..

I was ketaq seluruh badan. My heart like want to luquh. I just act like cool cool jaa.

Perghh ! Ayat apa aku taip nii. THE BROKEN ENGLISH. Patut lah markah BI aku sentiasa tecer tulih dengan pen merah. Haishhhh. -.-

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